Fifth Street Brewpub


The Founding of Ohio’s First Co-Op Brewpub!

Our Co-Op Is Born

  • Located in St. Anne’s Hill Historic District at 1600 E. Fifth Street
  • Established by a group of community-minded craft beer lovers
  • Founded Ohio’s first cooperatively owned brewpub
artist rendering of the Fifth Street Brewpub

Fifth Street Brewpub located at 1600 E. Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio

What Does This Mean To You?

  • You can OWN a brewpub
  • You can help beautify the historic inner east area of Dayton, Ohio
  • You can become a member-owner of this historical co-op for only $125

Membership Is Ownership!

Our members actually own the business. Each member-owner holds one membership share, and all member-owners have equal voting power. Wait…There’s More!

  1. You’ll get a free beer on your (co-op) birthday!
  2. You’ll be invited to members-only special events held throughout the year.
  3. You’ll receive patronage refunds.
  4. You’ll receive special member discounts on beer, food, and merchandise.
  5. You can say you OWN a brewpub…without breaking the bank!
  6. Co-ops are democratically owned by community members and therefore keep money/jobs in the community.
  7. You’ll help beautify the historic inner east area of downtown Dayton.
  8. A lifetime of fun in your very own brewpub!

Fifth Street Brewpub Smart Car


The Exciting Life of a Brewpub Owner!

KICK BACK in your OWN brewpub, surrounded by fellow brewpub member-owners and friends. Welcoming vintage surroundings. A relaxing atmosphere. A place to call your own. We will be breaking ground soon, and we know you will love hanging out in your new favorite watering hole!

Artist rendering of the Fifth Street Brewpub Garden

Artist renderings of the soon-to-be refurbished Fifth Street Brewpub Garden located at 1600 E. Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio

GET BREWING with brewmaster Darren Link as he creates our very own Fifth Street Brewpub signature craft beers for your enjoyment. Want to try your own recipe? No problem. Brew your own craft beer using our small batch system under the supervision of the FSB brewmaster and impress your friends with your own creations.

Fifth Street Brewpub Holiday Glass 2012

“Darren’s experience and passion for craft beer is going to benefit us all. We can’t wait!”

DRINK with your friends in a place that you can call your own: House signature craft beers, specialty and seasonal beers, your own craft brew, and other locally produced craft beers. You won’t be disappointed with the selection served.

EAT… and enjoy any of our unique signature dishes served to order. You won’t find any ordinary pub fare here; only the extraordinary will do for our member-owners!

SHOP all the amazing merchandise so you can promote your brewpub to friends and family. After all, you are a member-owner! Get the word out.